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Argentine Tango Lessons and Workshops

Argentine Tango is the musical genre and dance that originated in Buenos Aires, Argentina in the early 1900s. The music and the dance flourished until the 1960s when it's popularity was eclipsed by rock n'roll and other popular music of that time. To further it's decline, the political upheaval in Argentina during that time made it illegal to have gatherings. Thus, a whole generation of Argentines grew up not learning how to dance tango.

In the mid-80s, Argentine tango experienced a resurgence in popularity and Argentine tango teachers started traveling around the world and spreading the dance. The dance also made it's way onto university campuses (embraced especially by engineering students) and now there are tango student clubs at Harvard, MIT, Yale, Princeton, Stanford, and Michigan. Nowadays, it is possible to travel to any major city in the world, embrace a stranger, and dance the tango!  

We at Brooklyn Tango are not only professional dancers who get invited around the world to teach and perform, we are also social tango dancers who care about the growth of our tango community: NYC! Come check out our classes. You will find that the atmosphere in our classes is relaxed, personable, and lively. We are dedicated to inspiring students to dance tango with feeling, musicality, cadencia, and connection - the way it is danced in the milongas of Buenos Aires. 

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